Nuisance Wildlife Control

Our wildlife nuisance control team can trap raccoons and release them into an animal-friendly environment.Whether you love hosting or not, there’s a good chance you don’t enjoy hosting unwelcome guests. When wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and bats get into your house, they were certainly not invited, and the longer they stay, the more havoc they’ll wreak. Get rid of them with the help of Old School Pest Control’s nuisance wildlife control services.

Our Wildlife Control Offerings

At Old School Pest Control, we utilize humane, live trapping techniques to remove any wildlife from your home safely. We also abide by all regulations set forth by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and are licensed and insured by the state.

We’ll begin with a property inspection to determine where the wildlife is and how it’s getting inside. This inspection allows us to determine the most effective locations for our traps. Based on these findings, we’ll place traps in various locations that may include ground, attic, and roof level areas. These traps are baited and checked daily.

Upon completion of the trapping portion of your service, we are available for minor exclusion work as well. Sealing up entry points is an important step in the process of stopping wildlife from re-entering your home.

Keeping Nuisance Wildlife Where It Belongs

Wildlife may be fun to observe when it’s in the wild, but when large pests get into your home, they expose your family to illness and injury and cause costly damage to your home.

If you’re experiencing a wildlife infestation, contact Old School Pest Control immediately. We’ll take care of the problem for you and help ensure it doesn’t happen again.