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Pesky squirrel sitting on a fence

Pest Control

Committed to helping you with the important work of keeping you safe and healthy by providing a pest-free home. Call Old School Pest Control, your local experts for our proven pest control methods that will solve your pest problems.

A small field mouse sitting on fallen trees

Rodent Control

Ridding your home of rodents is a multi-part process that first begins with finding and removing them from the premises. You don’t want them to return – and neither do we – so we will help you take the proper steps to keep them from returning.

Raccoons will come out at night and become a nuisance on your property

Wildlife Control and Removal

We will only use humane methods to trap animals by using commercial grade live cages and traps, Once trapped, the problem animal is carefully removed and released. Care is taken to ensure that they meet the guidelines of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Mosquitoes and ticks are the most annoying part of being outside

Mosquito and Tick Control

At Old School Pest Control we use all-natural, environmentally-safe products when treating your lawn and yard for mosquitoes and ticks. Have comfort knowing that you will be safe and mosquito and tick-free this summer!